Travel Marketing

With more and more people traveling around the world, especially and increasingly for leisure, marketing your brand, destination and unique travel, food and cultural experiences is key. Further, with more and more searching and booking their next trip on their mobile, doing so via social media marketing becomes integral. Our social media management team combines stellar photography with engaging video and beautifully articulated written articles to not only illustrate what you have to offer to a hungry travel audience but we also work together to create a rewarding social media marketing campaign that inspires customers to book your trip and enjoy your travel experiences!

How we do it

It’s simple. We listen to your objectives, we work to understand your vision, we aim to earn your trust and we collaborate to execute your plan. Using our 20 years of media production experience, we focus on the value that we add when promoting your destination, brand and experience. Through stellar travel photography and dynamic travel videos to engaging and entertaining travel articles, we’re confident that our content creation is relevant, evergreen and king!

Adding social spice to the content mix

Nobody is going to promote you more than, well, you! Sure, targeting and enticing ‘influencers’ to try your product and service has its merits, ensuring that your company establishes a solid social media marketing plan from the inside is as, if not more important. Not only do we produce content you want but our social media management team works with you and is hands-on when it comes to taking that content to the next level – social media marketing the hell out of that content. After all, what good is great travel marketing content if it’s just sitting in the corner not being social media marketed?

Who we’ve travel marketed with

From the north coast of New Brunswick and driving the Trans-Canada Highway to the Nevada desert and the sheer cliffs of Meteora, Greece, we love what we do – and that’s producing content for the purpose of promoting your brand through smart travel marketing which includes social media management and social media marketing. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to collaborate with several amazing travel organizations over the past few years. The places we’ve been invited to and the relationships that we’ve built and maintained are truly special and we value each of them.



*Chevrolet Canada

*Nevada Tourism

*The Weather Network

*Tourism Toronto

*Lonely Planet TV

*Sault Ste. Marie Tourism

*Meteora Greece Tourism


*New Brunswick Tourism

*Athens Authentic Marathon Tours

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