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If you own and operate your own restaurant, you understand not only the importance of preparing exceptional dishes using the best quality ingredients but you also understand that restaurant marketing is just as important. And these days, people make food decisions based on photos and videos through, you guessed it, social media! Our restaurant social media marketing team has provided social media marketing services in Toronto for several years. By combining our photography, videography and copywriting experience with our social media marketing and management expertise, we make it priority number one to showcase your beautiful menu along with your unforgettable dining experience to an often crowded social media-food photography landscape.

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We do it through photography

Be it promoting your dishes through formal menu photography or your food and dining experiences through effective social media management, your photos should do all the talking. After all, your product is food, your service is the experience you provide. Being social media consultants, we first sit down together, listen and discuss what your needs and objectives are and how you envision your menu, restaurant and brand to be reflected to a wider audience. Our collective aim is to further engage both new and existing customers to trust that you and your restaurant continue to consistently deliver both an exceptional product and service. And we do that through smart and collaborative social media management and the execution of strong social media marketing campaigns.

We do it through videography

Pictures already tell a great story. Moving pictures accentuate it! If it’s video that you prefer, then our restaurant digital marketing team will put 20 years of media production experience to work. Video allows for a larger story to be told. It’s a more diverse tool that gives you the chance to promote the many facets of your dining and restaurant experience in a compact package. We’ll discuss everything from length to style of video and assemble a restaurant digital marketing strategy to best promote your brand through strong social media management and social media marketing campaigns.

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We do it with the written word

Pictures and video are always complimented with words. Describing your dishes, restaurant and your overall dining experience is integral when it comes to retaining customers and trying to attract new ones. Using effective copywriting, combined with effective restaurant marketing through powerful digital and social media marketing, helps immensely. From writing advertorials and creating e-vites to managing food tasting events and creating social media posts, we work with you to convey what you offer into words.


Who we’ve done it with

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been grateful to be entrusted with the restaurant marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing for several restaurants in the Toronto area, including:

  • Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger and Milkshake Bar
  • Maison Fou Brasserie
  • Village Pie
  • Tzatziki Restaurant
  • Pots and Pans Eatery
  • No Bull Burgers
  • The Local Lounge
  • Porkies
  • Nacho Libre
  • Miami Ice

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