Social Media Photography

You have less than three seconds to capture a customer’s attention. Our social media experts know that and that’s why we build our social media marketing campaigns with that fact always top of mind. That said, photography is the primary tool when determining whether a customer will trust your brand, establish a relationship with it and purchase your products or services. We listen to your vision, work together to execute a plan on how keen-eye photography, combined with engaging social media marketing, captures the true and unique essence of your brand. Always professional and courteous, our goal is to always let the photos do all the talking.

social media photography

Food Photography

Whether we’re talking about playful brunch photos to official menu photos, these days more than ever, it’s all about illustrating your food and your food experiences through food photography. And of course in turn, sharing those pictures and experiences via social media marketing. We work together to create photos that not only have that ‘wow’ factor but take it a big step further. In our opinion – and we assume yours as well – food photos should make people want to book that reservation, drop by spontaneously and plan that group outing. Food photos should make people want to eat their screens!

Travel Photography

Capturing the photos that perfectly reflect your destination, brand and experience is integral. Having traveled around the world, we have several years of experience not only taking those quintessential photos but ensuring that they are memorable and ignite people’s imaginations! Our social media marketing team works with you to create travel photography campaigns featuring photos that stick to people’s minds and inspire them to book that next trip, that next experience. Similar to food, travel photos should make people want to be in the photo!

Event Photography

Candidness and photography go hand-in-hand. When used properly, photos have the power to capture beautiful moments that instantly encapsulate the scene, mood and emotion of the experience. Because after all, we’re all captivated with photos that have an emotional string attached to it; be it stoic and sad to elated and euphoric. Our social media marketing team listens to your vision and works with you to execute a social media marketing campaign to not only accurately promote your event but also read between the lines; to capture the finer, more candid details. Photos that make people want to be there, to experience the event for themselves!


Who Did You Take Pictures For?

From food photography to travel photography to event photography, we’ve been extremely grateful to have collaborated with several international, national and Toronto-based social media marketing agencies. From organizations such as Chevrolet Canada and to Yellow Pages Canada and Apostolos Athens Marathon Tours, our aim is not only to take the perfect photo but to also ensure that we’re working together to capture the mood of each photo as it reflects with your unique dishes, destinations and experiences.

Why Choose Us?

To us, food photography goes beyond the food itself. It’s also about implementing your restaurants’ atmosphere and epic vibe that makes your food experience that much more memorable. To us, travel photography isn’t about inspiring a generic selfie. It’s about inspiring people to take that trip, to fulfill that dream, to travel and truly experience a destination, an experience. To us, the event is everything! But the cherry on top is photographing an exhausted, yet relieved face of a marathon runner celebrating as they cross that long-awaited finish line. We take photos of moments and, working together, we share your moments with custom-tailored social media marketing campaigns that suit your food, travel and event experience! TOG

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