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Sure, photography and video are all the rage, but the written word will never go out of style. Every word counts and we know it! Our social media marketing team also has 20 years of copywriting experience, freelance writing for several travel and food-based organizations both around the world and locally. We work with you to tell your story; to showcase your brand, destination and products; to inject life into the experiences you provide – all with engaging, entertaining and informative articles and advertorials that capture the unique flavours and experiences your customers can expect to have.

Travel Writing

Whether it’s a listicle or a more personal look into travel, our aim is to connect with readers from an adventure level to a more emotional one. Like you, we understand that vacation time is limited and valuable. There are millions of hungry travellers who want to spend their time and money not just on a trip but on new adventures and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Ones that they’re eager to share quickly and often with friends, family and even total strangers. Combined with valuable, evergreen content and a rock-solid social media marketing plan, featured articles can and will continue to play a prominent role when it comes to promoting your brand.

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Food Writing

Along with travel, we love writing about food and working with you to share your incredible and unforgettable food experience through social media marketing. Our passion lies not only in describing the finer nuances of your dish but we love to delve deeper – who’s the chef in the kitchen, where do your ingredients come from, how are you giving back to the community, what’s the vibe inside your restaurant and why your evolving menu keeps people coming back. We’ve been providing our freelance copywriting services for over 20 years and have written about hundreds of restaurants during that time. In turn, having been in the freelance writing world for so long, we’ve not only got a good grasp on the evolution of the food scene but by being copywriters in Toronto specifically, it’s given us the chance to sample and write about a variety of ethnic cuisines as well as new and old world cooking methods and flavours.

Where we’ve been published

We’ve been privileged to have written for several nationally and internationally recognized organizations including:


*General Motors of Canada

*Yellow Pages Canada



*Meteora, Greece Tourism

*Tourism Toronto


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