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Sure, we live in a social world. Our screens have become windows, marketers into our business, brand and identity. But social media marketing isn’t just about posting a photo or producing a video, creating a caption, attaching tags and hashtags then publishing a post. To us, it’s far more than that. To us, social media marketing is more personal, engaging and dare we say it, more social! Having managed the social accounts of several incredible brands in Toronto, we understand that the only way to truly connect with both new and existing customers comes from creating a more personal experience first.

Travel video produced for  GM Canada

Where Do We Start

We emphasize the importance of social media management not just through a screen but also through a real-time, real life conversation. Being a social media expert is being aware that there’s more to your organization than meets the screen. It’s about creating, building and sustaining lasting relationships built on trust, dependability and collaboration between our social media services team and your brand, with the ultimate aim of creating those same rock-hard relationships with your customers.

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What We Do

We start by getting to know you, your business, what you need and what you envision. We go beyond the products and services you offer. We delve deeper, get a real idea of what your organization is all about and understand the true and unique essence of what you offer to new and existing customers. Our social media management team then works with you to execute a social media marketing plan of action, to expand your social media presence, increase engagement and ultimately bring your social vision to reality.

How We Do It

Our social media marketing plan of action includes everything from photography to videography to copywriting. Having collaborated with several international, national and Toronto-based organizations, our social media marketing team takes pride in having over 20 years of media production experience. But it goes much further than that. We believe in developing engaging, entertaining and informative content that not only catapults your social media presence but simultaneously works to build a larger community fan base and a lasting relationship between us, you and in turn your customers.

Photography by Travelmammal for use on our client’s social media accounts.

Why You Should Do It

Walmart and Starbucks don’t need to advertise their latest product or coffee drink. People already know who they are and what they offer. But here’s the thing – they still advertise. Why? Because if you’re not top of mind, customers will forget about you quickly. Whether it’s a incredible trip or a new breakfast sandwich, people talk and people share their experiences. Social media marketing is the new marketing and the new norm of communication. Our social media management team works with you to:


    • Increase your social media footprint and get you more exposure to YOUR target audience.

    • Establish/maintain an online presence that showcases you, your brand, your establishment, your product.

    • Build and maintain engaging, relatable relationships with customers.

    • To illustrate who you are, what you offer and the experience guests can expect to have in visual form.

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