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Social Media Marketing – A 5-step beginner’s ‘know guide’

Know who you are

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had clients express their confusion and concerns when it comes to social media marketing. Where to start, what to do, when to post, the list goes on and on. It’s understandable and for many, it’s no doubt an intimidating endeavour. But as cliche as it sounds, the best place to start when it comes to social media marketing is, well, you! Knowing who are and what you represent is an outstanding launching point into the big scary world of social media marketing. Knowing who you are gives you a big advantage on not only your competition but it also gives your audience a clear vision of what you represent and gives them (and yourself) the confidence to put your best post forward.


Know what you’re selling

I get it – it’s not easy to talk about yourself and it’s especially not easy to talk about how awesome your products and services are. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had clients not being able to clearly articulate what exactly it is that they sell. Sounds unbelievable, right? It’s more common than you think. But if you can’t quite articulate what it is that you sell, you may have a hard time clearly articulating what you sell when it comes the online world too. Knowing who you are and knowing exactly what you’re selling gives you the confidence to establish a clear social media marketing vision. A confident image that also gives prospective customers a clear vision as to what you’re all about!


Know who you want to attract

So you know who are and what you’re selling. Great! Next comes who you want to sell to. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had clients tell me that their customer base is everyone and anyone. Cool, but here’s the thing. Not everyone will be interested in you, your product or your service no matter how clear and confident you are. Let’s face it, a vegetarian probably won’t eat your bison burger. You can’t win them all over but you can certainly narrow it down and know who to target. Having a clear social media marketing vision from the start – knowing who you are and what you’re selling – gives you the incredible advantage of knowing who exactly will listen, look, click and eventually purchase your product and service.


Know why it’s important

Think about it – McDonald’s doesn’t have to make commercials to sell burgers. Starbucks doesn’t need to make commercials to sell coffee. But they do. And you see the commercials every time you turn on your TV or check your phone. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had clients tell me that they just don’t see the point in all of it. Understandable, but just as the radio and TV before it, the digital space is now the new norm when it comes to marketing. Creating a strong, clear, confident and consistent social media marketing presence will not only keep you current but will get your products and services continuously noticed in the busy and crowded online world.


Know when to hire someone (you trust)

Let’s be real – you try and try but at some point you come to the point where you admit that you can’t do it all alone anymore. You simply don’t have the time or the energy to keep it all going, especially when it comes to social media marketing your business. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had clients brag about how they do it all themselves and that everything is fine. But it’s not – and it’s reflected on the quality of their posts. They’re often poor and not well thought out.

In my opinion, trust is the first quality you should look for when hiring someone to manage your social media marketing campaigns. Trust that your products and services will be executed in line with your vision and trust that your business is being represented the way you want.

Hire someone who listens to you, your vision.

Hire someone who respects your opinions and challenges them when applicable.

Hire someone who gives you a fresh pair of eyes, ideas and approaches.

Hire someone who works with you to create engaging content.

Hire someone who helps you grow!

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Jim Bamboulis
With over 20 years of media production experience from broadcast to digital to social media marketing, I’ve collaborated with several local, national and international brands to promote travel, food and cultural experiences worldwide! I work with you to tell your story the way you envision it!

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