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It’s Time! 5 reasons why you should hire someone to handle your social media marketing!

The digital space is crowded and loud. Your attention is pulled into many directions, sometimes simultaneously, all while you try to run your business efficiently and effectively. Despite being surrounded (and overwhelmed) by social media, more often than not, social media marketing is sometimes last on your list when it comes to promoting your own business and brand. You want to do it and you know how important it is but considering how busy you are running your business, taking time to create effective posts, understanding how it works and keeping up with it all is just too much to handle. It’s at that moment when you realize – it’s time to hire someone.


You simply don’t have the time – we do

Clearly and simply – we work for you! Social media marketing is what we do and by working together, listening to your needs and expectations, we work to take the social media load off your hands. We work to execute your vision through effective posts that clearly reflect who you are, what you’re all about and what you offer.


You simply don’t have the energy – we do

Clearly and simply – we work with you! Social media marketing is what we do and by working together, we put all of our energy into delving deeper to find out what nuances, unique qualities, special products and exceptional services you provide. Then we work to share your business and brand for the world to see, experience for themselves using engaging, eye-popping posts in the form of video, photos and written articles.


You simply don’t have the patience – we do

Clearly and simply – we work with you! The world moves fast. The digital world – including social media marketing – seems to move even faster. Changes are always being made and it’s sometimes tough to keep up with it all. It’s our job to not only keep up but stay informed about changes, upgrades, better practices and approaches to   ensure that your brand and business are consistently reflected accurately and according to your vision through effective and engaging posts and shared to your targeted audience.


You simply don’t get it – we do

Clearly and simply – we work with you! Social media marketing can be an overwhelming beast to learn, much less understand. You’ve tried to get it, you’ve tried to learn but it’s just not clicking. It’s ok. After all, there aren’t too many people who can do what comes easy for you. Our job, responsibility and obligation is to give you some perspective, calm your anxieties, put your mind at ease. We get it – and our passion is to make sure that you get what we’re doing – together! After all, trusting us with your brand, business and image is a big deal and one we take very seriously.


You simply just want to give control to someone who knows better – like us

With 20 years of media experience, we’ve been trusted to create content and execute effective social media marketing campaigns for several organizations. With more and more checking social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, making your online presence engaging, entertaining and reflective of your business is integral. We work with you to ensure that photos, videos and written posts not only accurately reflect the image, personality and feel you want people to see of your business and brand but engage people to click and learn more about who you are and what you offer.


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Jim Bamboulis
With over 20 years of media production experience from broadcast to digital to social media marketing, I’ve collaborated with several local, national and international brands to promote travel, food and cultural experiences worldwide! I work with you to tell your story the way you envision it!

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