Jim Bamboulis

You want a trusted media professional!

With over 20 years of media production experience from broadcast to digital to social media, I’ve collaborated with several local, national and international brands to promote travel, food and cultural experiences worldwide! I work with you to tell your story the way you envision it!

  • Collaborated with and produced video content for Lonely Planet Tourism Nevada, Tourism New Brunswick, The Weather Network, Sault Ste. Marie Tourism, Meteora Greece Tourism and Chevrolet/GMC Canada.
  • Collaborated with and produced written and photography content for Tourism Toronto, Yellow Pages Canada, Dine.TO, Toronto.com and Athens Greece Marathon Tours.
  • Managed social media accounts and organized PR events for several brands including No Bull Burgers, Burger Stomper, Miami Ice, Nacho Libre, Bob’s Badass Burgers, Maison Fou Brasserie and Pots and Pans Eatery.